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Demonstrators outside New Haven Superior Court in mid-April called for the arrest of former New Haven Police Officer Gary Gamarra. This after two Fair Haven sex workers accused him of rape and the state's attorney’s office decided not to file charges -- despite the former officer’s admission of sexual contact with the two women.

Juneteenth, Middletown CT
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Almost two weeks ago today, two children in Hartford were shot and killed within hours of each other. This week, on the heels of the Derek Chauvin verdict, a sixteen year old black girl was shot and killed by the police in Columbus, Ohio. 

This hour, we discuss what happens after gun violence.

Representative Brandon McGee and Kelvin Lovejoy from Hartford Communities That Care join us.

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Now that a jury has found former police officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all counts in the murder of George Floyd, America is wondering what changes this case has wrought on the way police officers do their jobs. To weigh in with his thoughts, John DeCarlo joined All Things Considered. He’s the director of the Master’s Program in Criminal Justice at University of New Haven and the former Branford Police Chief.

Updated April 21, 2021 at 1:26 AM ET

A 16-year-old Black girl was fatally shot by an officer outside her home after she called the police for help on Tuesday afternoon, according to her family.

The girl has been identified as Ma'Khia Bryant by her aunt, Hazel Bryant.

Bryant allegedly called officers at about 4:30 p.m. local time when a group of "older kids" threatened her with assault, her aunt told Ohio Statehouse News Bureau reporter Andy Chow. She did not elaborate on the nature of the threat.

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In Bloomfield, half a nation from Minneapolis, Cornell Lewis sat listening on his car radio to a verdict he’s been awaiting for almost a year. 

As Judge Peter Cahill worked through the counts against former police officer Derek Chauvin for the killing of George Floyd, Lewis’ eyes opened wide.

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Families of people lost to police violence in Connecticut gathered at the state Capitol in Hartford Friday to share stories of their loved ones. Jazmarie Melendez talked about her brother Jayson Negron, who was shot and killed in 2017 in Bridgeport. He was 15 years old.  

Streets were blocked off in Branford after police and witnesses say a man fired gunshots from a building.
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A tense hourslong standoff with an armed man in Branford that included heavy gunfire ended Tuesday evening when police found the suspect dead in the building in which he’d been barricaded.


A Milford man has been charged with a hate crime after allegedly yelling “Go back to China” and reversing his car toward a man walking along the street on Tuesday.  

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One of the harshest punishments you can receive in prison is solitary confinement. Advocates say solitary confinement does more harm than good - leaving the incarcerated with lasting mental health problems that go beyond the duration of their served sentence. 

Prosecutors began calling witnesses to the stand on Monday afternoon in the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin in the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May.

The prosecution started with Minneapolis 911 dispatcher Jena Scurry, who dispatched police to Cup Foods after getting a call about a man with a counterfeit bill.

Scurry testified that despite several years of experience handling emergency calls, she became concerned when her monitors showed the responding officers, including Chauvin, kneeling on top of Floyd, pinning him to the ground.

A federal lawsuit was filed this week alleging that excessive use of force and indifference by Stamford police resulted in the death of a mentally ill 23-year-old man in 2019.

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Criminal Minds. Mindhunter and Manhunt. Cracker and Profiler. Nearly the whole of the Hannibal Lecter universe: Manhunter, The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal (the movie and the TV series), Red Dragon, and now Clarice.

It seems we're fascinated by forensic psychology, by mindhunting, by criminal profiling.

This hour, we look at three different criminal profilers: James Brussel, the psychologist who helped catch the Mad Bomber of New York in 1957; James Fitzgerald, the forensic linguist who caught the Unabomber; and Bill James, the father of sabermetrics, turns his data analysis on a century-old serial killer mystery that no one had even realized was a serial killer mystery before he and his daughter figured it out.


Lawmakers are busy as public hearings are held on big issues at the General Assembly. 

This hour, House Majority Leader Jason Rojas discusses racial justice and law enforcement issues at the General Assembly and in his district in Manchester, along with the significance of one legislator moving from the house to the senate, efforts to legalize marijuana, and more.

Registries Of Disabled People Debated In Connecticut Police Reform Talks

Feb 14, 2021
Jessica Hill / Associated Press

Victoria Mitchell wishes police would have had the full picture of her son’s struggles with mental illness and reacted differently before an officer shot and killed him last year in Ansonia, Connecticut.

We, The Dog

Jan 29, 2021
Photos: Quino Al (background), Niclas Moser (dog),  ActionVance (human) via Unsplash. Illustration by Chion Wolf.

What do the ways we train our dogs say about us?

You’ll hear about how dogs are trained to search and rescue, dating back to some of our earliest wars. How they’ve been trained by authority figures for hundreds of years to bite - and hold - and sometimes kill. And how the street dogs of Moscow were trained to fly into space - even though it meant their certain doom.

Hartford Police

Some are looking at the 2021 legislative session in Connecticut as an opportunity to turn back major police reform adopted last year in the wake of George Floyd’s killing by a Minneapolis police officer.

Brian Foley / Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection

Police plan to have a massive presence at a demonstration possibly taking place Sunday at the state Capitol in Hartford, anticipating it could be much larger than a typical protest there.

Police Prepare For Possibility Of Protests At State Capitol This Weekend

Jan 12, 2021
Courtesy: Brian Foley

With news that supporters of President Donald Trump are planning armed marches in state capitals across the country this weekend, Connecticut leaders are preparing for potential unrest here, wary of the riot in Washington, D.C., last week.

Brian Cornelius

At the start of this year, Jericho Brown addressed the graduates of the Bennington Writing Seminars Class of January 2020. 

He said, “If you can’t imagine these last few days without trees, I know you can’t imagine life without poetry. Literature fills needs we did not know we had. Poems and stories plant seeds for things we did not know we needed.”

Should Social Workers Ride With Police? This Connecticut Woman Does

Dec 26, 2020
Kathy Evans of West Hartford now works with the Denver police as a clinical social worker. She rides with police and responds to calls where often her expertise is more valuable than the traditional tools of a police officer.

Each workday at 6 a.m., Katharine “Kathy” Evans turns out for roll call at the Denver police department to hear about overnight incidents, trends, announcements, plans for the day.

She then hops into a police car to begin a 12-hour shift. Her partner for the day is a patrol officer. She, however, does not wear a badge or carry a gun. She is a licensed clinical social worker.

Ryan Lindsay / Connecticut Public

A text message invitation to bet on the location of next year’s first homicide in Hartford has resulted in a major shakeup within the city’s police department.

Paul Witherspoon, Shot At By Officer In New Haven Incident, Settles With Hamden

Nov 23, 2020
Sam Gurwitt

A year and a half after Hamden cop Devin Eaton opened fire on Paul Witherspoon outside his parked car, Witherspoon has reached a legal settlement with the town.

Mothers Against Police Brutality stage a silent vigil in front of Dallas Police Headquarters to draw attention to those killed by police.
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According to the national database Fatal Encounters, an average of 1,500 people have been killed annual during interactions with police since 2000. And about 70% of those killings happen with guns.

“2020 is off the hook,” said Brian Burghart, Fatal Encounters’ founder and executive director. “There will be more people who died during police interactions [this year] than any other year in our records.”

Blurred image of police car lights
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Connecticut’s capital city is experiencing another public health crisis amidst the pandemic -- an epidemic of gun violence.

There have been more than 50 shootings in Hartford since September.

This hour, we talk about what’s behind this disturbing rise in violence, and how to address it. Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin joins us and we hear from anti-violence advocates.

How should we make sense of a rise in shootings through a public health lens? We hear from an expert who used to lead the CDC’s national injury prevention center.

Hartford Police (screen grab)

A video featuring a police encounter with a Black person -- this time a Hartford woman -- is again highlighting the tense relationship between law enforcement and the communities it serves.

Tyler Russell / Connecticut Public

Connecticut recently passed a police accountability bill after the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis. Though the bill is now law, legislative candidates who oppose it are using it as a political issue.

Waterbury Public Schools school buses
Franke Graziano / Connecticut Public Radio

A new report from Connecticut’s Child Advocate finds staff at Waterbury Public Schools have called the police hundreds of times on elementary and middle school students experiencing mental health crises.

Some of these children were as young as five years old.

Joe Amon / Connecticut Public

Black Americans are more likely to be infected from COVID-19, be incarcerated, live in poverty, and/or be killed by the police than white Americans. It took a pandemic and the killing of George Floyd to crystallize those facts.

Brian A. Pounds / Hearst Connecticut Media

Federal authorities have arrested Bridgeport police chief Armando "AJ" Perez and city personnel director David Dunn on charges that reportedly amount to an accusation that the pair rigged Perez’s hiring two years ago. 

Courtesy: Norwalk PD

State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff spoke recently with All Things Considered about his allegations of abuse and intimidation at the hands of members of the Norwalk Police Department. He said that treatment came in response to his 'yes' vote on the Police Accountability Bill in special session this summer. Norwalk’s Chief of Police Thomas Kulhawik met with Duff Friday to discuss the senator's concerns.