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The Trump Impeachment Inquiry: Watch House Hearings Live

The U.S. House of Representatives is holding open hearings in its impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Gordon Sondland, the ambassador to the European Union, Laura Cooper, a deputy assistant defense secretary, and David Hale, the under secretary of state for political affairs, are scheduled to testify Wednesday.

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Frankie Graziano / Connecticut Public Radio

Connecticut House Democrats Support Tolling Trucks On Bridges

Democrats in Connecticut’s House of Representatives don’t see tolls on passenger cars happening any time soon, but they do see them just for tractor-trailers on bridges.

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Federal prosecutors have unsealed an indictment accusing former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh of using her series of self-published children's books to commit fraud, evade federal taxes and illegally boost her own political campaigns.

House committees are hearing from three witnesses Wednesday — following a busy Tuesday when four officials provided public testimony to impeachment investigators.

Khazaal Salih sits in a tent next to a photo of his son, just back from the framing shop. In the gold-framed photo, Abbas wears a disposable blue surgical mask to protect him from tear gas. He's smiling and raising his fingers in a victory sign. At the top of the photo is the date — Nov. 6, 2019 — when the young man was killed by Iraqi security forces during an anti-government protest.

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Major health care bills died in the legislature earlier this year, including proposals on a public option insurance program, spending, and prescription drug pricing.

With health care policy shaping up to take prominence in both state and national politics next year, Connecticut legislators hope to get a jump start on ways to lower health care costs and spending in the state.

The shale oil boom that catapulted the U.S. into being the world's largest oil producer may be going bust. Oil prices are dropping amid weakening demand, bankruptcies and layoffs are up, and drilling is down — signs of a crisis that's quietly roiling the industry.

Some of the most successful companies in the oil business are household names — think Exxon Mobil or Chevron. But the boom in shale drilling has been driven by smaller, independent operators. These companies have pushed the limits of drilling technology and taken big risks on unproven oil fields.

Atlanta's Tyler Perry Studios has been home to Wakanda, the White House and The Walking Dead, but on Wednesday night it will host its most topical production yet: the next Democratic presidential primary debate, hosted by MSNBC and The Washington Post.

Right now, there are dozens of patients — U.S. citizens — in New Zealand hospitals who are fighting the clock. They have only a few weeks to recover and get home to the tiny island of American Samoa, a U.S. territory in the South Pacific.

Lori Mack / CT Public Radio

Hamden acting police chief John Cappiello has recommended the firing of the officer charged with assault and reckless endangerment after he shot at an unarmed couple in New Haven.

Frankie Graziano / Connecticut Public Radio

Democrats in Connecticut’s House of Representatives don’t see tolls on passenger cars happening any time soon, but they do see them just for tractor-trailers on bridges.

Nearly one year since the first legal, adult-use cannabis sale was made, there are now 33 retail stores open around Massachusetts.

So far, state regulators have issued 227 provisional and final licenses to retail, cultivation, cannabis manufacturing facilities and independent testing laboratories. Before — and even after — licenses are issued, those facilities must be inspected by the state.

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Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

Invasive Plant Poses New Threat To Connecticut Farms And Livestock

An invasive weed that’s toxic to livestock and resistant to herbicides has turned up in Connecticut. The state announced Thursday that Palmer amaranth, a type of pigweed, was discovered this fall in two pumpkin fields in East Windsor.

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Domestic Violence

Ryan Lindsay / Connecticut Public Radio

Connecticut Family Urges Senate To Reauthorize Violence Against Women Act

Five years after Lori Jackson was fatally shot by her husband, her parents continue to push for Congress to pass legislation that they believe could have saved their daughter’s life.

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Impeachment Witnesses Shed Light On Giuliani's Role In Ukraine

Updated at 8:40 p.m ET Two witnesses called by Republicans in the House impeachment inquiry testified Tuesday, indicating they had reservations over the content of President Trump's July 25th phone call with the president of Ukraine, and his desire to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. Capping a long day of testimony, the House Intelligence committee heard from Kurt Volker, the former U.S. Special representative for Ukraine, and Tim Morrison, a former National Security Council aide...

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After Bradley B-17 Crash, Lasting Impact of PFAS Firefighting Foam Remains A Question

Christopher Albani was at home when he heard the call that a B-17 crashed at Bradley International Airport, killing seven people. He’s a firefighter, one of several who responded to the Oct. 2 crash. Albani was put on a hose line, dumping firefighting foam onto burning wreckage. “So in that moment, being exposed to it, guys were covered, head to toe, in the stuff,” Albani said.

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