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Yes, We're Still Talking About The Budget

May 3, 2017

The Office of Fiscal Analysis reports that tax revenues are plunging. The state's 100 largest-income tax payers paid 45 percent less this year than last. 

When it comes to the state budget, speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives Joe Aresimowicz is now saying that "options are more limited." In other words, he's not taking taxes off the table. 

But Governor Malloy told WNPR's Where We Live that we can't keep relying on the wealthiest taxpayers in the state to keep us afloat. "The idea that we’re going to solve our problems by raising taxes on wealthiest in our state," he said, "is a very dangerous game to play."

This hour, we talk taxes, ESPN layoffs, and what Senator Chris Murphy has been up to in Washington, D.C. and back at home in Connecticut.  


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