Why We Leave and Why We Stay | Connecticut Public Radio

Why We Leave and Why We Stay

Dec 8, 2016

Recently we did a show about the science of loving where you live and we heard from plenty of Connecticut residents who really do love living here. But that sentiment is not shared by everyone. Some residents say high taxes are driving them away to places like Florida and North Carolina.

This hour, we talk about out-migration from Connecticut. We also explore the number of people who are moving into the state — what’s known as in-migration. And we want to hear from you. Are you looking to leave Connecticut once you retire? If not, why do you want to stay here?  

We learn about a recent report from the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and its partners — it brought to light a low rate of retention of college grads in the Hartford region. We talk with a Connecticut lawmaker, and with former Connecticut residents who’ve chosen to make another state home. Plus, we hear from one resident who lived in Texas and South Dakota, and yet has chosen to settle in the Nutmeg State.


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Lydia Brown and Chion Wolf contributed to this show, which originally aired on August 29, 2016.