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Where's The Beef!??

Nov 8, 2017

The veggie burger is  enjoying a renaissance! They've been in America since the Kellogg Brothers first fed their soy-based burger to guests at their Battle Creek Sanitarium in the 19th century, but they've never been as popular as with the newest iteration: a genetically engineered plant-based burger that tastes, smells, and looks just like - meat. It even drips blood.   

Why do we want a veggie burger that tastes just like meat? Are we obsessed with meat? No, but we do want more beef than ever and the planet can't sustain the amount of land, food and water necessary to cultivate enough livestock to feed our global population. 

If a genetically engineered plant-based burger or lab-grown meat can lower our meat consumption a little bit, is that so bad? We talk about that. 

We also taste a few and maybe, inspire you to try one too. You might like it. 

Watch Chris Prosperi cook a meatless "Impossible Burger" in the WNPR studio below.


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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.