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Where We Teach: A Conversation With Connecticut's Teachers

Our teacher panel welcomed educators from across the state. We broadcasted live from the CPBN Learning Lab, the home of the Journalism and Media Academy Magnet High School Satellite Campus and the Institute for Advanced Media.

Are you a teacher? Why did you decide to enter this profession and what keeps you going back to school every day? Find our tweets from the discussion at #WhereWeTeach, and watch our video of the event below.

There’s another big conversation coming up about education reform this weekend at Central Connecticut State University. On Saturday, 3/29 at 11:30am, join Ned Lamont and Dr. Ellen Retelle as they lead two panel discussions about education reform.

An edited, hour-long version of our "Where We Teach" discussion is available at the bottom of the post. The video below features the full panel discussion:


Liz Natale is a West Hartford teacher who wrote a popular op-ed for The Hartford Courant in January called, "Why I Want To Give Up Teaching."

Ebony Murphy-Root is a lifelong Nutmegger and middle school humanities teacher on the faculty of a private school in New York City. She's owned a home in Hartford since 2008 and has taught in the capital city. She recently wrote for EduShyster.com, "'Did You Grow Up Around Black People?' My Year Working for 'America's Most Trusted Educator.'"

David Low teaches aquaculture technology and mathematics at The Sound School in New Haven and vice president of high schools for the New Haven Federation of Teachers. In 2012, he was named the New Haven Public Schools' teacher of the year.

David Bosso is a social studies teacher at Berlin High School and he was named the 2012 Connecticut Teacher of the Year. He has written several op-eds, including one on the role of teachers in the Sandy Hook shooting.

This program originally aired on March 4, 2014.