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The Wheelhouse: Super Analysis Of Super Tuesday

Mar 4, 2020

We pick up the pieces after the Super Tuesday primary. How big a factor were the endorsements of departing candidates Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar for Joe Biden's big night? Bernie Sanders tried to cement a lead, but that did not happen. Michael Bloomberg placed a big bet on this round of primaries, and won.. American Samoa. What does the future hold for Elizabeth Warren? Plus, state lawmakers deal with possible conflicts of interest.  And is Greater Hartford's water agency in over its head?


  • Bilal Sekou -- Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Hartford (@BilalSekou)
  • Harriet Jones -- Connecticut Public Radio Managing Editor (@wnprharriet)
  • Colin McEnroe -- Host of The Colin McEnroe Show (@colinmcenroe)

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