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The Wheelhouse: Life After Tolls

Feb 26, 2020

Because I could not stop for tolls --

They kindly stopped for me --

The Chrysler held but just ourselves --

And not the D-O-T.

This week on The Wheelhouse, the failure of a tolls proposal will have lasting implications for Connecticut’s finances, and for the state’s transportation system.  But what does it say about the governor’s ability to sway fellow Democrats in the house and senate on other issues?  A vaccine bill advances in the General Assembly, despite vocal opposition.  How solid is your foundation?  

Apologies to Emily Dickinson.


  • Len Besthoff - Chief Investigative Reporter for NBC Connecticut (@LenNBC)
  • Christopher Keating - Hartford Courant Capitol Bureau Chief (@chrispkeating)
  • Colin McEnroe - Host of the Colin McEnroe Show (@colinmcenroe)