What's Your Problem? With Chion Wolf

Sep 29, 2017

I’m Chion Wolf and this is What’s Your Problem?!

Since Colin McEnroe is away, I’m taking over with a radio version of my live advice show, What’s Your Problem? Here’s the idea: A lot of people love GIVING and GETTING advice. There’s a connection there, there’s a feeling that you’re LESS ALONE there.

Normally, I do this show every 3rd Saturday at Sea Tea Improv’s underground comedy theater in downtown Hartford, where people anonymously submit their problems. For today’s show, I took a few problems submitted from that show, a few from problems I’m seeing in my community, and… from YOU! All week, we’ve been accepting problems from our listeners on Facebook and twitter, and we’ll tackle a few of them in the final segment of today’s show.

Three Nose panelists and I will spend the first two segments talking about problems that they've been simmering over all week, and I would LOVE to get your voice on the air. Did any of these problems happen to you or someone you know? Do you have an insight that might totally blow our minds? Join the problem solving by calling 860 275 7266, email CWolf@wnpr.org, or tweet @wnprcolin.


  • Rich Hollant -  Principal and design director at CO:LAB
  • Irene Papoulis - Teaches writing at Trinity College
  • Jim Chapdelaine - Emmy Award-winning musician, producer, composer, and recording engineer, and a patient advocate for people with rare cancers

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Betsy Kaplan, Catie Talarski, and Jonthan McNicol contributed to today's show.