What Role Should Men Play In Confronting Misogyny? | Connecticut Public Radio

What Role Should Men Play In Confronting Misogyny?

May 1, 2018

After a deadly van attack in Toronto, attention has been drawn to an extremist online group that is virulently, and sometimes violently, anti-woman.

This hour, we look at the ways misogyny manifests itself in our society, from the extreme to the everyday. And we ask: what role do men have to play in combating this problem?

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NPR’s On Point: 'Incels': The Movement Behind The Toronto Attack - "I've been afraid of this for some time. When I write about them I keep saying, 'People are gonna get killed,' because that's the sort of — of all the misogynistic communities I've looked at online, this is the most frightening because of that dynamic that happens inside the incel communities."


Southern Poverty Law Center: Male Supremacy - “Male supremacy is an ideology with many faces. Its unifying thread is virulent, at times violent misogyny, and the practice of blaming women and a large feminist conspiracy for the ills of (mostly white) men today." 


The Guardian: Building better men: how we can begin to redefine masculinity - “American men may be enjoying more emotional vulnerability in their superhero stories, but they also elected the living embodiment of toxic masculinity as president. Trump has spent his life-defining his manliness in opposition to the women he dominates and degrades.”