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UTC's Hayes Quits Presidential Council As Trump Disbands It

Aug 17, 2017

Although it’s hard to tell who quit and who was fired, United Technologies’s CEO Greg Hayes did issue a statement Wednesday saying he was leaving President Donald Trump’s manufacturing council. 

The council had been suffering CEO defections since Trump’s initial reaction to the weekend violence in Charlottesville. Hayes’s statement came within minutes of Trump saying he would voluntarily disband the council.

The statement from Farmington-based UTC did not explicitly call out the president, but said “it is clear we need to collectively stand together and denounce the politics of hate, intolerance and racism.

Water Lawsuit

A federal class action lawsuit has been filed in Connecticut against food giant Nestle, for its marketing of Poland Springs bottled water.

Eleven plaintiffs claim in the suit that Nestle’s assertion that Poland Springs comes from eight natural springs in Maine is false. They said they would not have paid a premium for the water had they known it contains ordinary groundwater.

Nestle Waters North America, which is based in Stamford, said the suit is without merit and that the company’s advertising slogans are truthful. 

September Budget?

The week of September 11 now seems to be the target date for a state budget vote. Democratic leaders in the House have asked their colleagues to keep that week open to attend a potential session.

Legislative leaders say they’re still meeting on a regular basis, but finding compromises that will pass both chambers is still proving difficult. If Democrats are to pass their own proposals, they need near unanimity among their caucuses.

Municipalities beginning the school year and non-profits providing social services have already been hard hit by the failure to reach a budget compromise.