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The Scramble Tries To Understand All Those Leaks

Aug 7, 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Friday the Justice Department will aggressively pursue the leaking of classified information that undermines national security. This announcement was made following the release by the Washington Post of transcripts between Trump and leaders from Mexico and Australia. 

Some say leaks can endanger our national security.  Others say the only thing that should concern us is that the information is true and it's in the public interest - especially given that this administration has not communicated truthfully with the public. 

Also this hour: Since we just elected a billionaire CEO and entertainer to the White House, there are probably a lot of other billionaire CEO's thinking they should also give it a shot. Like Mark Zuckerberg. Are we ready for a President Zuckerberg? 

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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.