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Reforming Our Juvenile Justice System

Mar 23, 2015

In her latest book, Burning Down the House, journalist and author Nell Bernstein explores the dark side of America’s juvenile justice system. Through the eye-opening stories of incarcerated youths, she argues that it’s time to shut down the nation’s juvenile prisons once and for all.

This hour, we listen to a conversation host John Dankosky had with Nell at the Mark Twain House in Hartford.

A little later, we also take a look at juvenile justice here in Connecticut, including the governor’s recent proposal for a society of ‘second chances’ for children and adults.

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  • Nell Bernstein - Journalist and author 
  • Abby Anderson - Executive Director of the Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance
  • Themis Klarides - Republican House minority leader

John Dankoksy and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.