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Race For Governor 2018: Rod Hanscomb

Oct 18, 2018

This hour, we sit down with Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Rod Hanscomb. What drove the Stamford, Connecticut resident to enter the race? And what issues would he prioritize if elected to lead the state?

Later, a pair of political analysts joins us to provide reaction to our interview and talk about what they will be watching for ahead of the November 6, 2018 election. 

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  • Rod Hanscomb - Libertarian candidate for governor of Connecticut (@RodHanscomb)
  • Dr. Bilal Sekou - Associate Professor of Political Science in Hillyer College at the University of Hartford (@Bilalsekou)
  • Elisabeth Kines - Executive Vice President at Yankee Institute for Public Policy (@ElisabethWK)


CTNewsJunkie.com: He's Running for Governor, Too - "A heating and air conditioning salesman, Hanscomb said he spent most of his time talking to customers about everything except the products he was selling them. In those conversations, he kept hearing from people that they needed another choice beyond the two-party system."

Connecticut Post: Libertarian Rod Hanscomb would eliminate income tax - "Libertarian Rod Hanscomb of Stamford, who qualified last week to be on the November ballot, wants to move Connecticut to a taxation model fashioned after that of Washington state and Texas, where he lived for two decades before moving back to Connecticut four years ago."

Chion Wolf contributed to this show.