Primary Upsets On The Menu For August 14?

Aug 8, 2018

In this last week before the August 14 party primaries, the debates, and endorsements--not to mention those tree-killing mailers clogging our post office boxes--are coming fast and furious.

Here's a sample of the questions we're contemplating at this critical stage:

  • Can Joe Ganim actually beat Ned Lamont to become the Democratic Party's gubernatorial candidate, and what could happen in the general election if he does?
  • Which of the five Republicans in the governor's race can get the most supporters out to the voting booth come Tuesday? And which of the three GOP lieutenant governor candidates could help or hurt them the most in November?
  • Can anyone stomach another couple months of political debates that produce few, if any, new ideas for improving the state?

Also, we look beyond the governor's race to key primary battles happening Tuesday in state legislative races. Which incumbent lawmakers should be worried about an upset?

And we take on 3D printer guns. They have already cost a Republican attorney general candidate a major endorsement. Are they the beginning of the end for gun control or just the latest source of unnecessary angst?


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