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Out-Migration, Republican Messaging, And Calls For A Progressive Agenda

Nov 28, 2018

A narrative often repeated by Connecticut Republicans and others is that state residents are sick of the high taxes and government ineptitude, and ready to bolt to greener pastures.

But new census data isn't all doom and gloom. Out-migration trends that soiled Connecticut's reputation in recent years are dissipating, according to a Hartford Courant editorial. In certain key categories, it found recent population losses have turned into population gains.

Do GOP politicians need to change their message then, if they hope to regain their mojo after suffering large losses to their ranks in the General Assembly in the November election?

Progressives in the legislature, meanwhile, say it's time to move forward with highway tolls, legalizing recreational marijuana, paid family and medical leave, and other causes they have championed.

Today, we look at what's next for both parties in 2019 and beyond.

Can tolls fix our transportation system? We comb through a new study that lays out what the price tag for commuters could be.

And now that legal marijuana sales across the border in Massachusetts are underway, will it change the discourse about legalizing them here?


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