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Occupy Updates, Botched Butlers, & Listener Letters

Dec 7, 2011

From the size of the police presence that descended on Occupy Hartford's Turning Point Park yesterday afternoon, you would have guessed that General Zod and his super powered confederates had burst out of the phantom zone. Instead, the enormous caravan of cruisers, horses and police equipment was deployed to evict about ten scruffy, tired tent-dwellers.

Maybe the Hartford police were feeling some SWAT envy. Next door in West Hartford, the downtown is sparkling every night - not with Christmas lights, but with lots of lit-up cop cars as a movie called "PAWN" is shot in a vacant Friendly's restaurant. Townies have been gathering near the town common for glimpses of Ray Liotta, Forrest Whitaker or the rapper Common, and the West Hartford SWAT team - who knew there was one? -- is in the movie.

Today on the show, we'll bring you up to day of events around the state and dump out our mailbag on The Sack.

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