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Obama Says Goodbye And Trump Takes Questions

Jan 11, 2017

Last night night, President Obama delivered his farewell address to the nation. The speech was - let’s say, juxtaposed - with news that intelligence officials have briefed both Obama and President-Elect Donald Trump about reports that Russia had gathered “salacious” and compromising material about Trump. Although, it’s unclear what exactly counts as salacious anymore. 

Meanwhile, U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions spent yesterday being grilled in Congressional hearings leading up to his eventual nomination as Attorney General. 

All of this news will make for an interesting press conference later this morning with President-elect Donald Trump. 

Last week, Governor Dan Malloy gave his State of the State address, kicking off the 2017 legislative session. On the agenda is budget slashing and cost cutting, and he won't rule out an increase in taxes or a new Connecticut casino.   


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