The Nose On 'Hannah Gadsby: Nanette' And 'Three Identical Strangers'

Jul 20, 2018

Hannah Gadsby is an Australian comedian and writer. Her new Netflix special is Nanette. There are certain ways it's a different sort of comedy special than you're used to. It's, for instance, more of an art history lecture than you'd probably expect. Its audience laughs much less than you're used to. And it'll probably make you cry more than other specials have. Those idiosyncrasies are just some of the reasons Nanette is "the most discussed comedy special in ages."

The documentary Three Identical Strangers tells the story of identical triplets who were separated at birth and then reunited in their teen years. As crazy stories go, it sounds pretty straightforward. It is... not.

Some other stuff that happened this week, give or take:


  • James Hanley - Co-founder of Cinestudio at Trinity College
  • Carolyn Paine - An actress, comedian, and dancer, and founder, director, and choreographer of CONNetic Dance.
  • Bill Yousman - Director of the Media Literacy and Digital Culture Graduate Program at Sacred Heart University

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Colin McEnroe contributed to this show.