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The Nose Can't Hear You Over All The Noise In This Restaurant

Apr 20, 2018

The original Lost in Space, an Irwin Allen series that aired on CBS for three seasons in the 1960s, was a marginal ratings success with seemingly outsized cultural impact. The show is still remembered for its campy humor, its catchphrases, and its not-possibly-designed-in-any-decade-but-the-1960s robot.

Netflix's new Lost in Space, on the other hand, tells the Swiss-family-Robinson-in-space story as a relatively serious family drama with super high production values and the mostly serialized narrative that's become the custom on prestige TV. The Nose has thoughts.

Kendrick Lamar won the Pulitzer Prize for music on Monday, making him the first non-jazz or classical artist to collect that honor in its 75-year history. The Pulitzer board was cheered for their decision. Some of the finalists who lost to Lamar are cheering the decision. Others are lamenting the choice as the end of classical music.

Julia Belluz wrote an essay in Vox complaining about the high noise levels in restaurants. She believes her situation is not unique. It has become a fixture of dining out in America. Both Zagat and Consumer Reports surveys have found that excessive noise is the top complaint diners have, ahead of service, crowds, or even food issues.

Other possible topics include:


  • Rand Richards Cooper - Contributing editor at Commonweal; writes the “In Our Midst” column for Hartford Magazine
  • Carolyn Paine - Actress, comedian, and dancer; founder, director, and choreographer of CONNetic Dance
  • Irene Papoulis - Teaches writing at Trinity College

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