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The Nose On The Art And Industry Of Protest And HBO's 'Succession'

Jul 13, 2018

Logan Roy is the head of a major media conglomerate, much like Rupert Murdoch. Also like Murdoch, he's not sure if he wants any of his kids to take over when he decides to retire.

Warning: It's hard to feel any sympathy for the uber-wealthy, entitled, and morally-bankrupt characters in the HBO series Succession. That doesn't mean we're not riveted by the Shakespearan tragedy that ensues.

Also this hour: Sarah Palin's angry protest against Sacha Baron Cohen's next project will likely make it a commercial success. The Brits have lifted Green Day's American Idiot to the top of the charts to protest President Trump's visit. They've also elevated an unflattering Trump doll to high art.

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  • Rebecca Castellani - A scholar of modern literature
  • John Dankosky - Executive editor of the New England News Collaborative, and host of The Wheelhouse and NEXT on WNPR
  • Rich Hollant - Principal and design director at CO:LAB and a commissioner on cultural affairs for the city of Hartford

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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.