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The Noscars! A Nose in New Haven

Feb 25, 2016

The show moves to the Elm City for its annual snort of/at The Oscars, this time from the lobby of The Study at Yale in front of a live audience numbering in the dozens!

Our panel talks about #oscarssowhite. Richard Brody calls it The Oscar Whiteness Machine. FiveThirtyEight finds that part of the problem is that non-white actors and films barely get any support from their studios.

And, of course, there will be changes to the Academy Awards broadcast this year. For one thing, winners' thank-you lists will crawl across the screen while they hopefully say something somewhat interesting in their acceptance speeches rather than a roll call of hairdressers and publicists. We’ll see how that goes.

Plus: Even if the Oscars don't quite get it right, this was actually a pretty good year for movies. Wasn't it? At least it wasn't 2012.


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Colin McEnroe, Eugene Amatruda, Greg Hill, Betsy Kaplan, Catie Talarski, and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.