Nonprofits Welcome Restoration Of Some State Funds | Connecticut Public Radio

Nonprofits Welcome Restoration Of Some State Funds

Aug 21, 2017

Governor Dannel Malloy’s latest executive order restores $40 million in funding to nonprofit providers of state services. 

Social service providers, including those that run facilities for the developmentally disabled, have been hard hit by the budget crisis. They estimate in Malloy's initial executive order, issued in early July, they collectively lost more than $180 million in reimbursement for this fiscal year, over last year's funding.

Jeffrey Shaw of the Connecticut Community Nonprofit Alliance said the money that's just been added back is welcome, but providers are still facing cuts of almost $150 million from last fiscal year.

"It's been devastating, it really has," he told WNPR. "We've had a number of organizations reduce programs that they can offer, and we're nervous that some services could permanently close."

He said some providers are exploring the potential closure of group homes for the developmentally disabled.

"If you have to close a group home, you can't just re-open it," said Shaw. "Once it's closed, it's closed. We're very concerned obviously, as every day, every minute goes by, the chances of additional closures and reduction of services is very real."

He hopes the governor’s new executive order will signal to legislators that it’s time to find a lasting budget solution that prioritizes social services.