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A Non-Threatening Conversation About Jazz

Feb 8, 2018

Who's afraid of the Bix bad Beiderbecke?

Hartford has an amazing jazz history, and Colin has a lot of jazz musician friends. This hour, a little onstage jazz party.

Colin and the panel look to make jazz accessible to mere mortals. They talk about what makes jazz jazz, invite the audience to sing, and teach the audience to scat.

The audio at the top of this page is the radio version of this show. The full-length, unedited, from-start-to-finish, fully-63-minutes-too-long-to-air-on-the-radio version of the event -- including full performances of all four songs, plus the full-length scatting exercise -- is below.


  • Steve Davis - Trombone
  • Atla DeChamplain - Vocals
  • Matt DeChamplain - Piano
  • Henry Lugo - Bass
  • Jocelyn Pleasant - Drums

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