The New Haven Nose Takes Two: 'Slow Burn: Season Two' And 'Serial: Season Three'

Oct 5, 2018

So we did a Nose last week. It was good. It was about the second season of Slow Burn and the third season of Serial, and it was kind of also about how both of those shows tie into our present moment in interesting ways and that that's kind of interesting and suchlike.

We thought it went well.

You probably would've thought so too.

Except you didn't hear it, so how would you know? That present moment that I was just talking about got in the way: We were preempted by some Senate Judiciary Committee vote or something.

So we brought the show back for this week. We hope you'll like it now too.

Some other stuff that happened this week:


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Colin McEnroe contributed to this show, which originally aired last Friday night, when you probably weren't listening.