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The New Cartography

Jun 27, 2011

Since the days of great explorers, maps have served a very simple purpose, getting us from point A to point B (without falling off the edge of the earth, of course). 

But with the advent of digital mapping technologies, the form, function and potential of maps has been revolutionized.

Today we’ll explore the world of New Cartography that radically reshaping our lives and perception of the world around us. We’ll be joined by the head of the UCONN geography department and the Yale Map Collection’s GIS specialist, to learn how new technology can map everything from elections in Egypt, to real-time crisis response in Haiti, to the location of organic ice cream stores in your immediate area. 

But with all of this rapidly advancing technology, some other issues come up... In the 21stcentury, we’re are all cartographers, so how would you map your world?