Mystic Seaport Breaks Ground on New Exhibit Building

Jan 16, 2015

Mystic Seaport will undergo a major transformation this year that will ultimately allow the museum to open year-round.

Modern architecture and design will blend seamlessly with the 19th-century flavor of Mystic Seaport when the museum opens its new exhibition building and gallery quadrangle in the near future.

The new 5,000-square-foot, $11.5 million exhibition hall will be distinctly modern in design, but the curved roof and wood beam interior and exterior will evoke the spirit of ship building and the sea. The new exhibit building will be the anchor of a new quadrangle that will link all of the gallery buildings, and allow the museum to stay open year-round.

"This really positions us for the 21st century," said Dan McFadden, director of communications for Mystic Seaport. "This gives us a modern exhibit hall where we can do new and exciting exhibits that we have not been able to do to date. It gives a dramatic entrance to the north end of the museum, and at the same time, it's going to give us a better year-round experience, because all of these galleries will be linked in a gallery quad."

Mystic Seaport broke ground on the new building last week. McFadden said the gallery quad will open on Memorial Day this year, while the new exhibit hall will be ready for visitors by September 2016.