My Coworker Is An Android: Understanding The Impact Of Workforce Automation

Feb 16, 2017

From self-service menus to self-driving cars to... androids around the water cooler? This hour, we explore the past, present, and future of workforce automation. 

We talk with a team of economists and technology experts, and we want to hear from you. Is your job at risk of becoming obsolete? As always, we take your calls, Tweets, and emails.

Later, we also check in with Smithsonian magazine columnist and Smarter Than You Think author Clive Thompson. He tells us why it’s important to “remember the Luddites” when grappling with our increasingly modernized world.

But first: It’s been a busy news week for some Connecticut-based insurers. We dive into the latest headlines with WNPR business reporter Harriet Jones.


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Chion Wolf contributed to this show.