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Mueller Indictment; Malloy Approves Budget

Nov 1, 2017

Two famous Connecticut families have their names enshrined on buildings and roads. Both are back in the news for different reasons this week. 

Paul Manafort - a son of New Britain, where a road bears the name of his father, businessman and mayor Paul Manafort - has been indicted on charges linked to the investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election. He’s now become the central figure - maybe the first of many - in Robert Mueller’s probe into the Trump campaign.

This hour, we consider what’s happened so far - and what’s next. And, we’ll consider the story of the Sacklers, whose fortune was built on the backs of the highly addictive opioid, Oxycontin - that’s the subject of a big New Yorker piece this month.

And, what are some realities now that Governor Malloy has signed the state budget?


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