More Than Nine Months After Hurricane Maria, Is Puerto Rico Ready For Another Storm?

Jul 9, 2018

This hour, we learn about a new online series about "extreme inequality" in Connecticut.

We also look at trends in white shark activity off the coast of Cape Cod.

But first, an update on hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico. How well-equipped are the island and its residents to face a possible next storm?

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NPR: Vieques Still Finding Its Footing After Hurricane Destruction - "Puerto Ricans have left their main island for decades in search of opportunity and Vieques is no different. But it's more remote than its bigger neighbor. In good times, it isn't always easy living here. Now, it's worse."

The Connecticut Mirror: Already deep in debt, Connecticut struggles with extremes of wealth and income - "Since the last recession, inequality in Connecticut has not been a simple case of hedge fund principals reaping rewards that dwarf a still-prosperous middle class. Rather, only the richest of Connecticut’s most affluent households, on average, have improved their standing."

The Boston Globe: There have been 7 shark sightings in 2 days on the Cape -- and more are expected - "To Greg Skomal, the state’s marine biologist, the white sharks are now a standard part of summer in Massachusetts. Like the humans populating restaurants, cottages, and houses near the coast, great whites appreciate warm water and ready access to food."

Chion Wolf contributed to this show.