Meet The Candidates: Tim Herbst

Jul 31, 2018

After an eight-year stint as Trumbull's first selectman, Republican Tim Herbst is campaigning to move up the political ladder... to the office of the governor of Connecticut.

This hour, we sit down with the candidate. We ask about his decision to run and learn about the issues he would prioritize if elected to lead the state.

Later, we get some post-interview analysis from commentators Dr. Bilal Sekou and Dr. Jonathan Wharton. 



Hartford Courant: Tempermental? Thin-Skinned? Republican Tim Herbst SAys He's 'Authentic' - "In an interview, Herbst acknowledged his combative streak. 'I have a lot of passion and I give 150 percent to anything and everything that I do, whether it’s government or 60 minutes of CrossFit,' he said."

The Day: GOP gubernatorial candidate Tim Herbst unveils law enforcement plan - "The plan includes restoring the death penalty, boosting state police ranks, ending an early prison release program, 'cracking down' on sanctuary cities in the state and stiffening drug crime enforcement."

Chion Wolf and Carlos Mejia contributed to this show.