Long Wharf Theatre Releases Report Following Sexaul Harassement Allegations | Connecticut Public Radio

Long Wharf Theatre Releases Report Following Sexaul Harassement Allegations

Jun 14, 2018

A report released by New Haven’s Long Wharf Theatre said the blame for a sexual misconduct scandal at the venue lies with the behavior of a single powerful person. 

Long Wharf Theatre’s former artistic director, Gordon Edelstein, was fired in January after the New York Times published an article in which multiple women alleged unwanted sexual contact dating back at least a decade.

Immediately following Edelstein’s dismissal, an independent investigation was conducted. The follow-up report finds that the theater’s policies were legally compliant and it places the blame squarely on Edelstein. On some level that was reassuring said managing director Joshua Borenstein.

“I think everything that was described in the New York Times - those allegations were really unfortunate,” Borenstein said. “We were concerned to find out that, in fact, there could be more instances that were not reported to us. And perhaps there were, you know, entire departments or shops where people felt uncomfortable. That was one of the reasons to conduct this review and so it was a relief to learn that that wasn’t the case.”

But Borenstein said there was a lot of miscommunication and lack of clarity about how to complain.

The report makes several recommendations to prevent future events of harassment. Borenstein said they are also exploring a new type of expert in their field. Something called an intimacy coach, who would help actors and directors choreograph intimate moments in a way that is respectful and makes everyone comfortable in the process.