Legislative Preview: Early Voting and Legal Pot | Connecticut Public Radio

Legislative Preview: Early Voting and Legal Pot

Dec 21, 2016

The electoral college voted, and Donald Trump is still President-elect. But that big news paled in comparison to two terror attacks that posed direct threats to relations between European countries, Russia, Turkey and the conflict in Syria. 

This hour, we look at the prospects for Connecticut’s current governor staying in his job, and we'll also preview the Connecticut legislative session that starts January 6th.

State Representative William Tong knows something that will be on the agenda: a proposal to allow early voting. And one thing that won't be: legalizing pot. Governor Dan Malloy says our state won't jump on the bandwagon quite yet. We'll also talk about out-of-date textbooks in Norwalk and a "War on Christmas" in Shelton. 


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