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Lawmakers Chide Governor's Tax Proposals, Grill DECD Commissioner Pick

Feb 27, 2019

Governor Ned Lamont has said he is open to negotiating almost everything in his budget proposal. Well, it seems like lots of people are going to take him up on his offer.

State legislators on opposite sides of the political spectrum are panning Lamont's plan to raise roughly $500 million a year by expanding the goods and services subject to the state's sales tax.

Union leaders feel slighted by his call for them to back changes to cost-of-living increases for future retired state workers.

And Lamont's push for highway tolls faces local, state, and federal hurdles.

Meanwhile, the governor's pick to lead the state's economic development efforts, David Lehman, sweated out tough questions Tuesday from Democratic lawmakers. Whether the former Goldman Sachs executive will win confirmation by the state Senate remains uncertain.

This week, we tally up the opposition to the administration's agenda.

We also delve into the concerns over state Sen. Alex Bergstein's paying for an extra legislative aide out of her own pocket. Should she be free to spend her own money in pursuit of better representing her constituents, or is it bad precedent that could give Bergstein an unfair advantage at the state Capitol?

Speaking of the legislature, five seats previously held by Democrats were up for grabs in Tuesday's special elections. Republicans picked up two of them. Are there lessons in the results for either party?


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