Journalists In Conflict

Jun 22, 2011

As we get ready to consider an end to the war in Afghanistan, it's not just soldiers who've paid the price in American wars.

American society is just beginning to seriously consider the emotional trauma of fighting war. But what about reporting it?  The deaths of two photojournalists in Libya this year sparked fresh conversation about the emotional and psychological — and not just physical — health of reporters and photographers who cover conflict.

Join us as we speak to Chris Cramer of Reuters about preparing and protecting journalists in the field, and Michael Kamber – a longtime reporter and photographer for the New York Times who has covered most major wars in the past 20 years. We’ll talk about the repercussions of witnessing war, as well as the media industry’s responsibility to care for their employees.

And, we'll hear from a New Haven based journalist, recently released  from captivity in Libya.