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Inauguration Day: Connecticut's Top Office Changes Hands

Jan 8, 2019

Connecticut will have a new governor Wednesday. Ned Lamont takes over from his fellow Democrat Dannel Malloy as he takes the oath of office in a ceremony at the State Armory. 

He’ll then take part in the inaugural parade from the Armory to the nearby State Capitol, before addressing the newly sworn-in members of the General Assembly, with his state of the state speech.

“It’s always an exciting time,” said Lamont’s new chief operating officer, Paul Mounds. “The start of a new administration is something we all, as a state, can be proud of. The change of hands of administrations is not easy, a lot of stuff happening in the background. But I love this process, I really encourage everyone in the state of Connecticut to come out and experience it fully.”

The speech also marks the beginning of the session for the General Assembly - one where Democrats have solidified their grip on both chambers.