A HUGE Night For President Trump? Previewing The State Of The Union

Jan 30, 2018

Tonight, President Trump will deliver his first State of the Union address to Congress—and to America.

The president has suggested he will focus on immigration and the country’s role in international trade, among other topics.

What do you want to hear from the president tonight?

This hour, we hear from the CEO of a community health center in Connecticut who will watch the State of the Union in person. Dr. Suzanne Lagarde will attend the speech as the guest of Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro. 

Federally qualified health centers are in limbo as they wait to see whether Congress will allocate the millions needed to keep them in operation. 

What will be on the president’s healthcare agenda for 2018? 

Back home, we also get an update on the future of clean energy—in Connecticut.

But first, will you be watching the State of the Union?  



  • Dr. Suzanne Lagarde - CEO of Fairhaven Community Health Care and Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro’s guest to the State of the Union
  • Mary Agnes Carey - Senior correspondent for Kaiser Health News
  • Chris Murphy - Democratic U.S. Senator from Connecticut
  • Carolina Bortoletto - Co-founder of CT Students for a Dream and DACA recipient
  • Doug Hausladen - Head of Transportation, Traffic and Parking in New Haven
  • Edward Ford Jr. - Newly-elected Republican on Middletown School Board
  • Jan Ellen Spiegel - Reporter who covers energy, environment, and climate for the CT Mirror

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Chion Wolf contributed to this show.