How Will You Choose Your Candidates In 2018?

May 14, 2018

Connecticut's political parties are in the midst of choosing who they will endorse in this November's elections. How much do you trust that they've endorsed the candidate most likely to represent your interests? On the other hand, how much do you want or need to know to cast your vote? 

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton emerged as the party's endorsed gubernatorial candidate in this November's midterm election at this weekend's Republican Convention at Foxwood's Casino.  Delegates also endorsed candidates for lieutenant governor, treasurer, state comptroller, and Congress.

Next weekend, Democratic candidates will go through a similar process as they vie for delegates at their convention. But what is that process? 

This weekend, 1,150 delegates gathered to vote on the eight candidates seeking endorsement.  The eight candidates at the election were whittled down by rules established to eliminate contenders on each round of balloting like a game of musical chairs. Several of the eliminated obtained enough votes to force a primary. The candidates who weren't endorsed may seek an alternative path to election by collecting thousands of citizen signatures. 

It's a confusing process removed from the majority of most Connecticut citizens. So, how much does a party endorsement matter to our vote? How do you choose the candidates you want to win and how much do you want or need to know to cast an informed vote? 

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