Governor Malloy Signs Bump Stock Ban In Connecticut | Connecticut Public Radio

Governor Malloy Signs Bump Stock Ban In Connecticut

May 31, 2018

Governor Dannel Malloy has signed legislation that bans bump stocks and other devices that increase the rate of fire of weapons. 

The bill was prompted by last year’s shooting in Las Vegas, when 50 people were killed in less than 10 minutes by a gunman using a bump stock device on an assault-style rifle.

“It was that aberrational act, by a disturbed individual that really focused, again, the United States on the issue of these weapons of mass destruction,” said Malloy.

Connecticut’s bill passed the General Assembly with bipartisan support in the last session.

The governor signed the bill Thursday in a ceremony at Bulkeley High School in Hartford. Malloy said he believes if it were not for the response to the shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, the legislation might never have passed.

“The reason we’re here at a school… is because the students of the United States were awakened by a horrendous act at a Florida high school, and the students responded by demanding actions be taken,” he said.

Bulkeley student Zahir Akbar said recent protests over gun violence have galvanized the school community.

“Students all over the country have begun to rise up and take action against matters that affect us all,” he said. “It’s very important for us as students to speak and enact change within our communities. As students to whom this issue is hugely important, the ability to voice our concerns is always valued, because our voices are also part of the national conversation, no matter our political beliefs.”

Another bill aimed at tightening gun laws failed to pass in the legislative session. It would have outlawed what are known as ghost guns - weapons assembled from kits that have no serial number and are untraceable.