Gov. Malloy Says "Sanctuary Cities" Is Not a Helpful Term | Connecticut Public Radio

Gov. Malloy Says "Sanctuary Cities" Is Not a Helpful Term

Nov 23, 2016

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy told a group of refugees, Jewish Community leaders, and elected officials on Tuesday that places where local police don’t enforce federal immigration laws should not be called "sanctuary cities."

President-elect Donald Trump has said so-called sanctuary cities should lose federal funding.

Malloy said there is no such thing as a sanctuary city in legal terms.

“It’s a term that’s been made up, really -- made up by folks who want to condemn those communities, as opposed to support them,” Malloy said.

He said Trump’s comments that he may take action to deport nearly two million undocumented immigrants would have to be executed by federal immigration agents.

“I think Connecticut is honoring its commitments, but we’re also saying to the federal government: if you desire to take actions, you should take those actions -- but don’t depend on us to take those actions on your behalf,” Malloy said.

Police departments in New Haven and Hartford have been called sanctuary cities because they do not ask people for immigration status, and do not detain people on behalf of federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Malloy said he would sue if a federal policy tried to strip funding from those places in Connecticut.

This report comes from WSHU Public Radio.