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The GOP's Unconventional Convention

Jul 20, 2016

It’s the biggest party for Republicans since…well, 2012. GOP lawmakers, retired military leaders, and soap opera stars speak this week in Cleveland as the national Republican party puts a ring on Donald Trump. Our panel will provide mid-convention analysis and updates on the speeches, controversies, and theatrics that are on full-display in Ohio.

Have you been following and watching the convention? What's the standout moment to you?


  • Leah Wright Rigueur - Assistant Professor of Public Policy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and author of The Loneliness of the Black Republican: Pragmatic Politics and the Pursuit of Power
  • Suzanne Bates - Director of Policy at the Yankee Institute for Public Policy
  • Dan Haar - Columnist for the Hartford Courant
  • Mark Pazniokas - Capitol bureau chief for the Connecticut Mirror

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