Ganim And Griebel Get In The Race For Governor | Connecticut Public Radio

Ganim And Griebel Get In The Race For Governor

Jan 3, 2018

The race for governor of Connecticut just got a lot more interesting. Joe Ganim, former inmate, current mayor of Bridgeport, unable to qualify for state financing, has announced that he’s in the race -- and establishment Democrats are worried about him getting into a primary.

Meanwhile, Republicans are worried about Oz Griebel, former gubernatorial candidate and popular Greater Hartford presence, getting into the race as an independent, potentially taking votes away from Republicans.

And those are just two names in what is shaping up to be growing and shifting race.

This hour, we also dig into the changing healthcare landscape. President Trump has declared Obamacare dead…but is it? And, is there room for populist insurgency from the left to oust Democrats they think aren’t progressive enough?


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