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The Future Of Work: Commuting After The Pandemic

Aug 10, 2020

Many Connecticut residents are used to spending a lot of time commuting, whether driving on a highway, riding on a train to the city or taking the bus across town. But the number of drivers and ridership across all modes of transportation have dropped dramatically with stay-at-home orders and the closing of non-essential businesses.

This hour, with Connecticut beginning to reopen, what will the “new commute” look like? Telecommuting has grown. Will remote work likely continue to expand beyond the end of the pandemic?

And we look at the impact of the public health crisis on public transit, including on residents who don’t have a car to get to their job.


  • Russell McDermott - Program Director for CT Rides, a free program of the state Department of Transportation to help commuters find other options beyond driving solo to get to work or school 
  • David Lewis - CEO of Operations, Inc., a statewide human resources consulting firm *This note: Connecticut Public is CT Public Radio’s parent company. Its HR department has a contract with Operations Inc.
  • David Dudley - Editor at Citylab

Cat Pastor contributed to this show which originally aired June 8, 2020.