From Finances To Health Care: A Week Of Gridlock In Hartford And Washington

Jun 28, 2017

We’re inching closer to the end of the fiscal year and Connecticut lawmakers at the state capitol still haven’t been able to reach a budget agreement. Meanwhile at the nation’s capitol, Senate Republicans are postponing a vote on their controversial health care bill.

This hour: a tale of gridlock in Hartford and Washington. 

We examine the repercussions of a state run under Governor Malloy’s executive order -- an unavoidable outcome if lawmakers don’t agree on at least a provisional budget. And we weigh the effects of the Republican health care bill on Connecticut residents.

And later: what’s the limit to free speech on college campuses? We discuss the case of Trinity College Professor Johnny Williams, placed on leave after remarks he made on social media.


  • Colin McEnroe - Host of The Colin McEnroe Show on WNPR
  • Kevin Rennie - lawyer, Hartford Courant columnist, blogs at dailyructions.com
  • Khalilah Brown-Dean - Associate Professor of Political Science at Quinnipiac University

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Chion Wolf contributed to this show.