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An Epic, Multimedia Outdoor Spectacle: Terra Tractus 2014

An epic meditation, multimedia outdoor spectacle with lasers, dance, drums, music, sculpture, water, fire, science, technology, climbers, shadows, and projections: Witness the geological, climatic anthropological history of the Stony Creek Quarry as it evolves through ancient history to our projected future. 

TERRA TRACTUS The Earth Moves 2014 dates:
Thursday, Friday, Sunday June 19, 20, 22, and Wednesday through Sunday, June 25 to 29

Due to logistics, tickets must be obtained in advance.

Also, don't miss this year's International Festival of Arts and Ideas. It is a gem among Connecticut events, enveloping the city of New Haven, featuring concerts, world renowned performers, innovative theater, lectures, and programs for adults and children, spread across 15 days, from June 14 through June 28.

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  • Mary Lou Aleskie is Executive Director of  The International Festival of Arts & Ideas.
  • Jamie Burnett is the lighting designer for Terra Tractus.
  • Istvan B'Racz is the music composer for Terra Tractus.
  • Gioia Connell is the co–producer of Terra Tractus.