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Danbury Man Wants to Take Anonymous Out of Recovery

Jun 5, 2013

Addiction is arguably one of the largest public health issues facing the country with about 23 million Americans living in recovery from alcohol and other drug abuse. And almost 2 million are behind bars for substance abuse related crimes.  Danbury's Greg Williams says people suffering form an addiction are stigmatized and discriminated against. His documentary, "The Anonymous People" proposes that addiction be treated like any other disease.  "Our economy is being sucked and drained by 350 billion dollars a year. Addiction impacts all of us regardless of whether we like it or not and almost two-thirds of families have been impacted directly. Young people are dying. It's an epidemic and we really need to figure out strategies to combat this illness."  For him, the message is personal.  "I got into recovery when I was 17. As a result, I went back to college. I became a family person. I have a job, pay taxes. But for the first four to five years of my recovery, I didn't talk about my recovery with anyone outside of recovery." Williams is also working with new Connecticut-based organization called Brian's Wish. He hopes it will grow into a national charity to combat addiction.  "The Anonymous People" is screening at Danbury's Palace Theatre June 15. For more information go to www.theanonymouspeople.com.