As COVID-19 Spikes In Danbury, Contact Tracing Is A Vital Tool | Connecticut Public Radio

As COVID-19 Spikes In Danbury, Contact Tracing Is A Vital Tool

Aug 31, 2020

While most of Connecticut has seen a low rate of positive COVID-19 cases, the city of Danbury has become a concerning exception.

This hour, we talk to the city’s Mayor, Mark Boughton, to hear more about this local outbreak.

And later, contact tracing is a critical public health tool for containing the spread of COVID-19. But who are the people actually running Connecticut’s tracing efforts?

We hear from one of the state’s regional health directors.

And we check in across the Atlantic with a reporter in Germany, a place many point to as a model for public health response to the pandemic.

Do you have questions about contact tracing or how public health officials work to contain future outbreaks?


  • Mayor Mark Boughton - Mayor of Danbury, CT
  • Jennifer Kertanis - Director of Health for the Farmington Valley Health District, which includes Farmington, Avon, Simsbury, Canton, New Hartford, Granby, Barkhamstead, Hartland, and Colebrook. She is also the President of the National Association of County and City Health Officials
  • Lenora Chu - Berlin Correspondent for Christian Science Monitor