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Connecticut Senate Fails To Override Malloy's Veto Of Classroom Safety Bill

Jun 25, 2018

The Connecticut state Senate failed to override a veto by Governor Dannel Malloy on legislation that would have allowed teachers to remove disruptive or violent students from their classroom.

Governor Malloy vetoed the bill because he said the measure would disproportionately affect students with disabilities and students of color.

The bill passed unanimously in the Senate last month, but at Monday's veto session, it was clear that some Senators were having second thoughts about the bill, including Democratic Senator Gayle Slossberg.

“We can't take any chances that any of our communities are going to be disadvantaged or disproportionately impacted, or that in any way we are going to rollback all of the good work we have done in the past on our suspension laws,” said Slossberg.

But Republican Senator Toni Boucher urged for the override, saying the bill ensures a safe classroom. 

“We have teachers leaving the classroom that have been veteran teachers because of the feeling of harm, and the feeling that it's not a safe environment,” said Boucher. “What we want to do above all else is to have a good learning environment.”

While the bill failed to get the two-thirds votes necessary for an override, Democratic Senator Steve Cassano urged his colleagues to not wait until next year to fix the problem.

“This something that can be worked out,” said Cassano, “and I'd much rather it be worked out as part of the special session that we are most likely to have, so that we don't have to wait a year for this to be effective.”

It is expected that the General Assembly will reconvene for a special session sometime this summer to come up with a framework for sports gambling in the state.