Connecticut Judge Ends Receivership of Schooner Amistad | Connecticut Public Radio

Connecticut Judge Ends Receivership of Schooner Amistad

Nov 24, 2015

A Connecticut judge has ended state receivership over the Amistad schooner and dissolved the embattled organization that had operated the vessel.

Judge Antonio Robaina of Hartford’s Superior Court ended the receivership last week and dissolved Amistad America Inc. Attorney General George Jepsen criticized the organization for losing its tax-exempt status and racking up $2 million in debt. The state had invested more than $9 million in the organization and schooner.

The 129-foot Baltimore clipper is the Connecticut's official flagship. It's a replica of a 19th century slave ship seized by African captives who were jailed in New Haven and a symbol of America's early anti-slavery movement.

A new group, Discovering Amistad Inc., took over the Amistad earlier this month after buying it for $315,000 with the help of state bond funds.