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Connecticut Garden Journal: You Got Plants As Gifts, Now What?

Dec 27, 2018

If you love flowers, chances are you received a few plants as gifts this year. If you're a little unsure of what to do now, follow my tips.

Amaryllis may have come wrapped in their pre-potted boxes or just as the bulb in your stocking. First, decide your relationship with your amaryllis. If you just want it for the flowers, force the bulb in a vase with the roots barely touching the water. Once done flowering, compost it.

If you want to keep it as a houseplant, put down that leftover turkey drumstick, and get to work. Pot up unpotted bulbs in a container a little larger than the bulb. Place it in a warm, sunny window and once it starts growing, start watering. If the flower stalk gets leggy from lack of light, stake it up. After all the flowers are finished, cut back the flower stalks and let the leaves grow, like a houseplant.

Christmas cactus are fun and really easy. There's no need to repot a Christmas cactus until spring. Place this flowering cactus in a bright, cool room and let it bloom. Water sparingly in winter.

If you received a kalanchoe, flowering azalea, flowering hydrangea, or bromeliad, place them in a bright, warm room to enjoy the flowers then compost them. These are tough to grow as houseplants, or outdoors plants, around here.

Succulents, such as jade, aloe, and echeveria make great houseplants. Plant in well-drained soil where they'll have lots of sun and warmth in winter. Colorful cactus and fuzzy barrel cacti need grow lights to thrive in our climate.